VISIONInstitute to realize the vision of advanced technology

Hi-technology VisualizationHivvlab 은 Hi-techonoly Vision Visualization Laboratory
We want to create a research institute that realizes the vision of advanced technology.


  • BlockChain

    called 'blocks', are stored in a link-based distributed data storage environment based on a P2P-based chain, and can not be arbitrarily modified by anyone, and anyone can view the result of the change. Distributed computing technology Based data forgery prevention technology.
  • Cryptocurrency

    A digital asset designed to function as an exchange means to secure the transaction using encryption methods, control the creation of additional units, and authenticate transfer of the asset
  • FinTech

    Financial and Technology, It refers to the transformation of financial services and industry through the convergence of finance and IT.
  • Security

    Smartcard, Mobile USIM, Transportation.